Welcome to the W.O.W. (Wisdom of Woman) Project!


Peri-menopause symptoms can start earlier than you might think.  Mid-30s is not uncommon!  Women may experience heightened anxiety, sleeplessness (insomnia, interrupted sleep, or light sleep), hot flushes and/or night sweats, irritability and mood changes, lack of sex drive, middle body mass gain, loss of lean muscle mass, fat gain, increased risk for osteopenia/osteoporosis and much more!

If you are ready to make some lifestyle changes, you can shift these symptoms and start to feel more energized, better rested and stronger again.  In 3 months, together, we can tackle these symptoms by addressing nutrition, exercise, stress management, nutritional supplementation, sleep hygiene, daily rituals & mood regulation.

My mission with The Wisdom of Women (WOW) Project is to reach as many women as possible and help them transform their experience of menopause through shared knowledge.  If our GP's can't help us, let's help each other!

This 12-week program is designed to help women, just like you, with busy schedules and lots of responsibilities, carve time out to address their own health.  

I have helped women feel better in their bodies, regain energy throughout the day and into the evening, ease and even eradicate menopause symptoms, solve digestive issues, and go through their days as calmer humans.  Sounds good, right?


Q. Why should we work together?

A. I am trained as a scientist.  I have my B. Sc. in Biology with a focus on genetics.  I can sift through all of the science out there and distill down the details relevant to your health journey.  I am also trained as a yoga teacher.  I understand the importance of regulating your nervous system and stress hormones.  I will help you navigate issues from stress reduction to micronutrient intake, sleep hygiene to exercise and nutrition.

When you feel overwhelmed about what is happening in your body, it can feel hopeless to go at it alone.  There are such a wide array of perimenopausal symptoms that addressing them all can feel impossible: cognitive issues, brain fog, poor memory, slow recovery from exercise and changes in your skin.

My program is designed to start tackling these issues one at a time, and slowly build on the strategies that are working and eliminate ones that aren't.  I am here to support you physically, mentally and emotionally.  Each week, we will cover a different topic.  We will come up with simple, actionable items for you to do each week.

Q. What kind of issues will we tackle  in the W.O.W. Project?

A. During the 12 weeks we will attend to your physical and emotional health.

We will meet weekly for 45-60 minutes.

Topics covered include exercise and nutrition, protein intake, nutritional supplementation if appropriate, stress reduction practices, changes to sex drive, sleep, mood elevators, habit change and gratitude and joy practices!

After the 12 weeks, you discern what parts of the program are important for YOU to integrate into your life to maintain the benefits experienced during your coaching in a way that is SUSTAINABLE and enjoyable!  You always have the option to continue with coaching after the 12 weeks to maintain accountability and support.

“Detoxification is a process that goes on inside us all day, every day. The choices we make influence how efficiently the liver is about to do its job.”
Dr. Libby Weaver

Q. What value do I receive when I invest in the 6-Week Gut Reset?

A. The program includes the following:

  • Our 6-Week Gut Reset Guidebook is filled with details on how to reduce your toxic load in all aspects of your life, including your home, your mental well-being and your physical body.
  • A pre & post program questionnaire, daily plan and weekly prep plan. Live yoga classes. Live Gratitude Meditations and guidance on how to incorporate gratitude into your daily life.
  • Weekly workshops with a variety (and ever-changing) group of wellness experts, ranging from food workshops to short seminars on the Gut Microbiome, the importance of supplementation and much more!
  • One-on-One Coaching.  This is a huge part of the reset.  I am a Certified Health Coach and want to guide you towards making lasting changes in your health.
  • up to $150 rebate on a custom gut health supplement regimen from USANA.  Check out their products here. This makes the program cost only $249!

*All workshops/yoga/meditations will be recorded so you won't miss a thing and can do it with the group or on your own schedule!

Program Bonus's

Clients receive up to $150 rebate toward USANA supplements!

All clients will receive CellSentials™ Pack, including Vita-Antioxidant & Core Minerals, Fibergy and USANA Probiotics.

Your program coach will help you to choose the right combination of products for your personal health goals.


Q. What is your investment in the 6-Week Gut Reset?

A. The cost of the program is $399 ($369 for returning clients).

2022 Dates: October 2nd- November 11th.

You will be reimbursed up to $150 once your USANA supplements are ordered bringing the cost of the package to $249 for 6 weeks of support!

“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.”
Jim Rohn

The 6-Week Gut Reset is an adaptation of the 30 Day Full Body Detox and was co-created by Cathy Skelcher and Julie Boyer in late 2021.

The 30 Day Full Body Detox was founded by Julie and her team of holistic practitioners in 2012. The original program had close to 50 program contributors and benefited thousands of clients.

The spring of 2021 marked the 10th anniversary of the 30 Day Full Body Detox and in the fall it evolved into the 6-Week Gut Reset.

Our mission is to support and inspire as many women as possible toward better health and personal empowerment.