Welcome!  Here’s a bit about me:

ME: I am a yoga teacher, a Women’s Health coach, a wife, a mother and one part of a dynamic team of people raising 4 teenagers in a blended family.

MY GREATEST LOVES: My family and friends. Red wine. Chocolate. Self-help books! Holding space for myself and for others to learn, grow and heal. I am interested in growing old gracefully…yet fiercely!  I refuse to wither.  I am committed to being healthy, happy, in good relationships, sexy, laughing a lot, experimenting and adventuring long into my twilight years.  And my greatest happiness is helping other women do the same!

MY STORY: My greatest lessons have been learned in times of struggle.  There is always a message in my discomfort.  In the pain at the end of my first marriage.  In the guilt in moments when I feel I have failed as a mother.  In the loss of control in an eruption of anger.  When I feel shut down from those trying to love me.  When my children started leaving home.  When menopause came to get me.  All of these events are either suffering or another F-!*# opportunity for growth.  Through self-reflection, inquiry and meditation I am now able to hear my inner wisdom.  There are constant victories, celebrations, frustrations, fears to be faced and learning to be done.  So after a decade of teaching yoga and having to rediscover myself, I realize that this is the place I am meant to be…in service to other women. And it is my intention to be in service to you in whatever capacity I can.

WHY I TEACH YOGA:  I teach yoga because it is my home.  It is a sacred practice to me and it has changed how I move through the world.  It has created a deep connection and appreciation for my body.  I love my body…it does a shit-ton of stuff for me everyday.  I am more aware, less judgemental, more compassionate and more patient.  It has slowed the pace at which I go through my day.  It has changed my relationships.  And it has the power to change how I feel in less than an hour.  I teach because I believe yoga has the potential to do this for everyone. 

WHY I AM A WOMEN’S HEALTH COACH:  The short answer is menopause.  Menopause brought me to women’s health coaching.  I was struggling with sleeplessness when I had prided myself on being the best sleeper.  I was having hot flashes.  My skin was changing and I was a mess in the mood swing department.  I discovered that a change in what I was fuelling my body with and adding in some supplementation went a LONG way and once I experienced the changes I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and help every woman going through the same thing.  The longer answer is witnessing women hate themselves and their bodies throughout their lifetime.  We are meant to change…emotionally, spiritually, and yes physically over time.  I watch women trying to fit into their high school clothes when they are 50 and being disappointed or ashamed that they don’t.  Your body is meant to change!  I read in books all the time about women trying to get back their pre-baby bodies (stomach turning).  Spoiler alert: it will never happen.  You might fit into your clothes but your body is changed forever.  You made a human!  I love women and I love listening to their stories of journey and growth.  And I love women supporting women.  Cattiness is dead. I will support you, hold space for your fears and concerns, celebrate you and hold you in your vision when you can’t. I will challenge you and hold you responsible for your actions and your reactions. I will help you create a path to your own greatest health and the emotional freedom that comes with feeling amazing and alive in your body!  We have many revolutions around this sun and eventually, it becomes time to Ignite your own Inner Revolution!  You are not meant to do it alone.  Call me!