Favourite summer gin drink!

Stuff you need for a Pimms Cup:

1oz gin

1oz Pimms


a variety of fruits, veg and herbs


I make my Pimms cup in a 500mL festive, colourful summer cup.  Pour in your gin (I love Merridale gin from Cowichan…it’s where Kev and I were married in 2015) and Pimms and then fill within an inch of the rim with whatever mix you like.  My standard is tonic water ’cause we’ve had it in the house lately.  For a cup with a bit more kick you might want to add ginger beer.  And the low cal option is soda water.  The garnish is the fun part…a friend of ours was over the other night and said “it’s like a salad in a cup!”  That’s my kinda salad.  I use whatever is in the fridge but my favourites are bing cherries (from the Okanagan), raspberries picked fresh,  and strawberries floating on the top; spears of long english cucumber; and herbs like rosemary, basil and mint.  And if you’re serving people who are not drinking alcohol or kids, leave out the boozy bits, add some fresh fruit juice and still dress up their drinks with the garnish.  Seriously…so easy, delicious, fun and fancy.  Enjoy!

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