Why might you want a Life Coach?

  • You are feeling stuck.

You know that there is a gap between the person you are being and the person you want to be. Imagine being able to define values that are most important to you and learn how to find integrity between them and the choices and decisions you make, everyday!

  • You are feeling trapped in repetitive patterns and self sabotaging habits.

I can help bring light to your limiting beliefs about yourself, and others. Learn to reframe them as lessons and messengers so that you can transform them and use them as your super power!

  • You have a ton of great ideas and a lack of focus.

This is exciting! I can help you find clarity and your first next step.

  • You feel change is coming…either personally, professionally or spiritually!

You are standing at the precipice of change and are unsure of the next steps to take. Find measurable, attainable small action steps to take each week to move you in the direction of your core desires.

  • You are struggling to find balance in your life.

There is so much to do and so little time, right? We will create a vision of what your ideal life looks like and determine the priorities in it. Create daily ritual and sacred time for yourself and your priorities.

  • Your transformation will inspire those around you! Wayne Dyer said “Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change”. He was so right.


The first session with me is a COMPLIMENTARY, exploratory session where you and I can find out if we’re a good fit for one another.

IGNITE YOUR INNER REVOLUTION: a 3 month one-on-one coaching experience.

  • WEEKLY. 45 minutes-1 hour coaching session where we will check in on the last week and make plans for the coming week.
  • SUPPORT.  It is my responsibility and honour to create a safe container for you; to explore your thoughts, emotions, successes and challenges.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY.  It is also my responsibility to empower you to be responsible for your actions, behaviours and words.  There is choice in everything.  
  • ACTION.  Every week, together, we will create some combination of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based) goals and Mindfulness Training.  All behaviours, thoughts, and actions come down to practice.  We get better at skillful thinking, compassionate behaviour and actions when we are aware and practice these new patterns.  We create new neural pathways by mindfully practicing something different than we have been.  Change is absolutely possible, and the possibilities are endless!
  • HEART. I will be your biggest cheerleader. I so sincerely want for you to experience self love and acceptance, to take responsibility for your actions and behaviour, and to feel empowered and courageous to make change and forge yourself anew everyday.
  • STILLNESS.  Sometimes you just have to be still and quiet to hear your inner wisdom.  It’s all in there…I’ll just help you clear the fog so you can see it again!

Your investment:
$100 per individual session.
Commit to a 12 week Program and save $180!  This works out to $1020 paid in full or 3 monthly installments of $340 each.  The option to extend your coaching experience is always available.  Please pay in the currency of the country in which you reside.

Contact me to book your complimentary Exploratory Session!