This is my invitation to all the women out there who feel like they are trying and trying and nothing is changing.

What if we've just been fed the wrong carbs, no fat, NO, NO, NO... whatever.

What if there is another way?

It's time for a change.

This is a program about YOU: paying attention to what you are putting into your body every day and how it makes you feel, if it is serving your particular goals, if it is fuelling your body for what you need it to do. It’s understanding how different foods make you feel and how they affect your energy levels, your mood, your sex drive, your athletic performance and yes, even your weight.

This program is an experiment within your own body to see how it responds to varying amounts of macronutrients.

What this program is not:

This is not a detox, cleanse or diet.

There is no cheating or making mistakes. Food has no moral value. I am interested in helping women move away from this mentality toward befriending your body and treating it well.


Program runs May, June and July. *REGISTRATION is limited to 20 women.

Yes, I'm Ready to Register

Working together, we will make 1 small change per week and assess the impact on how you feel!

The 1 month trial is designed to support you on your journey to feeling your healthiest and strongest, both physically and emotionally.


Why bother with nutrition change?

  • you experience that friggin' afternoon energy slump
  • you want to improve your athletic performance whether it's hiking, spinning, bootcamp or training for a race
  • you have poor & slow recovery from exercise.  Every workout seems to be a battle.
  • you have mood swings & feel out of control
  • you are at a loss for how to change your habits to have a lasting impact on your health
  • you want to lose weight
  • you are interested in longevity
  • you have read that increasing protein is important in peri-menopause and menopause but are unsure what that looks like
  • you know you need to make some changes but don't know where to start

Nutrition is at the root of all of this!

How does this Nutrition Trial work?

When you join this program I will meet with you personally to introduce you to a Macronutrient Tracking Tool.  Don't panic!  There is no weighing food or counting calories. This tool is simple and user-friendly.  It comes with great graphics and easy-to-follow guidelines.  You can still go out for a meal.  You can have a glass of wine!

For the next 3 weeks, we will meet weekly to review your progress, address any obstacles that arise and come up with strategies to move through them.  We will set weekly goals personalized to your fitness and nutrition goals.  We will investigate what foods leave you feeling your best and discern which food groups sap your energy, alter your mood and extinguish your motivation.

After the 4 weeks is complete, you are invited to continue with support & coaching at this reduced price for up to 3 months.

“Good nutrition will prevent 95% of disease."
Linus Pauling

What's included in the program?

  • 4 weeks of support by me, Cathy Skelcher, a Certified Health Coach (HCI)
  • A community of like-minded women, to share knowledge and inspiration
  • Help with meal & snack ideas to keep you interested and motivated
  • Four individual coaching sessions
  • Subtle mindset shifts to help you move out of negative spirals regarding food
  • Introduction to the Nutrition Tool and all the graphics and information that it comes with

Program Add Ons

If you are not taking any nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, probiotics) now or are interested in upgrading your supplements, you receive a COMPLIMENTARY session to go over the benefits of supplementation and how it might affect your health.

Cathy will help you to choose the right combination of products for your individual goals.


What is your investment in this Nutrition Trial?

I am offering this at a much reduced rate of $100/m to the first 20 clients.

Why am I calling this a trial?

I am interested in taking a Nutrition Coaching course in September of 2022 and want to go into it with knowledge of what clients experiences are.  I will be asking for feedback as we go along.  And this is why I am offering this program at a reduced learning.

My mission is to support and inspire as many women as possible toward better health by creating a greater understanding and appreciation of their bodies.