We’re back baby!

Yoga classes, workshops for practitioners and teachers, coaching…we’ve got it all!


Symphony Mindful Triathlon

Saturday, September 8th 9am Westwood Lake


The Mindful Triathlon is a mindfulness, yoga and run event to raise funds for the Nanaimo Brain Injury Society.  I will be teaching one of the yoga classes as part of the event.  If you are interested in this event you can find more information go to https://www.symphony-rehab.com/mindful-triathlon





Moving Into the Heart- Couples Communication, Dialogue and Partner Yoga workshop.

September 29-30, 10am-4pm each day

October 4, 7-9pm

October 11, 7-9pm


So you’ve found “the one who makes your heart smile”…now let’s get you remembering why they did!

This workshop will be co-facilitated by Mia Tremblay, Creative Art Therapist and Cathy Skelcher, E-RYT200.  The communication tools that will be introduced are based on the book by Harville Hendrix, Getting the Love you Want.

Here’s a link to the book:


What you will discover in this workshop:

  • Why the qualities in your partner that once attracted you, now drive you nuts!
  • What’s really at the heart of that same argument you’re having every six weeks!
  • A way to successfully communicate your frustrations and needs and get them met!
  • Ways to express your love and affection in ways that work for both of you.
  • How to stay in communication even in times of conflict.
  • How to have fun with each other again!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are in a new relationship and want to deepen your understanding of each other.
  • You’re feeling invisible or not heard in the relationship you’re in.
  • You have small children and finding time for one another has become low on the priority list.
  • You’ve been married a while and want to find that spark of excitement and romance again!

Kevin and I have been doing this work with Mia for about a year and a half.  And I want to share this work with everyone I know! For me, I have learned what drives my behaviour, that shockingly, my upset is very rarely Kevin’s fault, and maybe most importantly how to communicate my feelings so that I feel seen and heard.  I also feel like I have seen through a little window into Kevin’s heart…what makes him feel loved, feel scared, feel angry, what makes him shut down. And with these tools we have learned to speak to one another respectfully, to listen to each other deeply, to love all aspects of ourselves and each other, and to always come back to one another, no matter what the conflict.  I truly believe this work has strengthened, and some days, saved our marriage.

Please note that this is NOT group therapy. No personal issues will be talked about in the group.  Tools will be introduced to the group and then you and your partner will have time to practice the tools privately.  Mia will be available for coaching.

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Stop Practicing Shi++y! Yoga, Meditation and Coaching Workshop

2 DAY: November 3rd, 9am-3pm and November 4th, 9am-12pm



This workshop is open to all who are ready to take charge and make some changes in their life!
We will explore habits that are no longer serving you, reframe situations in order to empower decision making in your life, and take some time to create and commit to new rituals that will have you feeling excited and inspired.



This workshop is for you if:
-you are in a rut
-you want to bust out of old habits
-you are hungry for change
-you keep repeating patterns that result in undesirable outcomes

What you will get in this workshop:
-yin and hatha yoga practices
-silent and guided meditation practices
-coaching exercises to challenge your limiting beliefs
-creation of a daily ritual
-clarity about your core values and how to integrate them into every day

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Flip It! Inversion Series

 Thursdays, 6:30-7:45am Sept13-Oct11 (5 weeks)


OK…I know this is early to get out bed and stand on your head.  AND I think starting your day by turning your perspective upside down, looking at things anew and conquering fears is a kick ass kind of thing to do.

Also, this picture falls into the category of stuff we won’t be doing!
We will however, be going over shoulderstand, headstand, handstand, forearm stands and modifications for all!
This workshop is open to beginners and veterans alike.

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Beginner Yoga Series (8 weeks)

Are you wanting to begin a regular yoga practice or wanting to return to one? Is the idea of going into a drop in class intimidating? Do you have injuries/range of motion issues that you don’t know how to modify in class? This class is designed to go over the foundational poses of yoga, introduce you to yoga philosophy and have you go into any yoga class feeling confident and prepared, with modifications for your body!

Thursdays 6:45-8pm

November 1st-December 20th, 2018


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What you will receive each week

75 minute yoga class and follow up that will include:

  • Highlights of what you learned in class about the pose of the week
  • Suggestions for a short daily asana and meditation practice
  • brief lesson on Yoga Philosophy. Focus for this course will be The Eight Limbs of Yoga.
  • Resources for meditation, philosophy and home practice.
  • Access to me via email for any questions/concerns that come up during the week.
  • Private Facebook group for support and inspiration.

Babies Yoga

Meg and baby

These classes are designed for brand new mamas who are getting back into their bodies after welcoming a new little addition to their family, but any caregiver is welcome to come with baby. The class is designed in such a way that you can step in and out of your practice to tend to your little one as necessary. Flows are simple and incorporate baby where possible, giving caregivers the opportunity to stretch out the muscles that tend to tighten when you spend your day curled around a baby, and strengthen the muscles used when lifting, carrying, and nurturing a little one.

*Please note: check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new physical exercise during your pregnancy. New exercises should not be undertaken during the first trimester.

*on hold til September* Wednesdays 10:15-11:15am

$15 per class

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Tweens Yoga (5 week series)

Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm

September 12th-October 10th

$50 for the series

Each class will be a combination of conversation, yoga and play.  This will leave your child feeling calm, relaxed and connected.

Child should be 8 years or older.  No yoga experience necessary.



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Teacher Workshop:

Inversions: how to teach them and how to blend them into your classes.

Sunday, November 25th 10am-12:30pm


This workshop will be offered to already certified yoga teachers
(and count for CECs through the YA).
We will get over the fear of teaching inversions in a class setting and explore modifications, instruction and safety techniques to have you feeling confident and your students feeling successful!

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