Class Descriptions



60-minute classes that generally start with some gentle flow to warm the body and create some internal heat, include standing and balance poses to build strength and finish with longer, stationary poses held to promote connective tissue health and mobility.



60-minute classes that combine a flowing sequence of postures with coordination of the breath. Every class is a little bit different. We will play with hand balances and inversions every week. Expect to be challenged and inspired! This is not a beginner class. Yoga experience is required for this one.



60-minute classes that focus on connective tissue, fascia and joint health.  The postures are practiced mostly on the ground with the support of many props.  Yin is a highly meditative practise with emphasis on the 3 following elements: longer time held in the pose, coming to stillness for the duration of the pose and finding just the right depth in the pose to allow these tissues to open slowly and gently.


Friendship Sessions

I created these sessions to combat the loneliness of isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.  If you are not quite ready to go back to practising in a large studio with strangers, grab a friend and come for a semi-private class!  The Friendship Sessions are for 2 people, in-person, in the studio.  You pick your day and time to come and practice and I will custom tailor to you and your bestie!  Classes are 1 hour long for 6 sessions mimimum.  All Covid protocols outlined by the latest PHO will be followed.

6 sessions – $180pp based on 2 people in class.